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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Govenors Gavel
Let me cover a few things this month, first is our First Responder Enrollment Campaign.

Even with our outside sign advertising a Free Membership for active First Responders and my personal efforts visiting Fire Departments and Sheriff / Police offices, we have only had 2 new members take advantage of the program.

For some reason, when I am addressing a group of these folks they seem to feel that there is some type of Gimmick attached with the Free 1 year membership, I can assure you their are No Strings Attached, if you know a First Responder, hand them a Moose Application and assure them it is absolutely Free for them to join.

Invite them to visit our Lodge, explain to them that we offer a Safe, Family Friendly Environment with Quality Members where they can relax and un-wind after a hectic shift.

Secondly, our Lodges past and future success depends heavily on our members that Volunteer their Time and Services for everything from cooking breakfast to crawling under the building to fix the plumbing in the Ladies Room.

We have 300 Members at our Lodge, yes I understand that some of these folks are Seasonal Members, the fact remains that only 5% of our Regular Members seem to consistently do 100% of the Volunteering that keeps our Lodge an Enjoyable Experience for all.

If you have some free time how about giving us a Helping Hand, a Volunteer Sign-up sheet is located on the Women’s Office Door.

See you at the Lodge
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